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Flynn-Tech was conceived and established to bring to market, competent reliable representation for high reliability brands and technologies from the leaders in Harsh Environment Technology. Representing applications for Interconnect, Instrumentation, Imaging, Software, Vehicles & Biofouling Resistant Coatings throughout the Southeast United States with a focus on subsea marine environments.

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Wire & Cable Markers

Since 1987, SFE has been producing and kitting high reliability pre-printed wire/cable markers for the Marine, Aerospace, Mil-Ground vehicle, and Airframe markets. All kits are 100% defect- free and can be certified for “dock-to-stock” using a marker list first article verification approval process. SFE is a customer focused, personal, and service-oriented supplier. No Job is too small.

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Custom Cables

Falmat engineers and designs high-performance cables to overcome the toughest challenges for the most severe environments. Combining advanced technology, custom-engineered designs, and world-class quality, Falmat delivers industry-leading performance for the most demanding industries and applications

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Monitoring & Controls

Xeos supplies application-specific telemetry and data collection products for customers who need reliable & innovative solutions to track, monitor, and control in harsh, inaccessible environments. Xeos Technologies has been designing oceanographic beacons since 2004. Helping customers protect and monitor their ocean assets is at the core of their business. Using the latest GPS and Iridium technology, Xeos products work in the most extreme and demanding ocean environments in the world.

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Operating Systems

Greensea develops technology to improve the relationship between man and machine. To do so, they built a single platform for the marine industry that would integrate data, sensors, and vehicles into one robotic system. The OPENSEA™ operating platform represents a decade of development and cross-manufacturer partnership

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EOM Offshore provides mooring components & systems to enable a broad spectrum of ocean sensing missions. EOM products provide reliable power and data connectivity through the air-sea interface from the surface to the seafloor. Offshore mooring products include stretch hoses, universal joints, electromechanical (E/M) chains, and anchor recovery systems. Mooring system applications include passive acoustic moorings, coastal surface moorings, coastal profiler moorings, and environmental sample profilers.

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Subsea Conns & Cable Assys

If your company is having issues with long delivery times and high minimum order requirements for your critical molded connectors and cable assemblies, then Dragonfish Mfg. (DFM) is the solution. DFM produces industry interchangeable Rubber Molded Connectors and Cable Assemblies.

  • Standard lead times of six (6) weeks or less
  • No minimum order
  • No minimum line item requirements
  • OEM stocking on simple terms
  • A commitment to be easy to do business with

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Severn Marine Technologies is the developer, manufacturer, and applicator of ClearSignal®, a specialized bio-fouling resistant coating for undersea and surface and platforms. ClearSignal® is widely used on ADCPs, underwater gliders, multi-beam sonars, optical systems, seismic streamers, and other undersea instruments. Unlike traditional anti-fouling systems which rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal® remains 100% effective over time.

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Media & Marketing

Flynn Technical Media & Marketing Solutions specializes in creative and strategic branding. Flynn-Tech Marketing draws on over 30 years of sales experience. Popular marketing services include advertising, promotional material and presentation design, generating press releases and value proposition statements, building sales metrics, and providing sales training.

Flynn-Tech Media offers a variety of digital branding services including logo and web design, online store building, SEO, and revenue-based ad integration. Digital engineering services involving prototype design, design animation and documentation, and rapid manufacturing are also available.

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DeepSea Power & Light supplies subsea lights, digital and analog imaging systems, as well as lead-acid subsea batteries. DeepSea P&L is a privately held design and manufacturing company serving the subsea industry. They strive to continually advance technology for use in the harshest environments.

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Aquabotix is a technology leader in portable unmanned underwater vehicles. Their vehicles are faster, smarter, more capable, and more affordable than other inspection and observation class ROV's. Aquabotix vehicles are simple to use yet powerful enough to accomplish complex missions. Products include remotely operated vehicles (ROV's), hybrid autonomous remote underwater vehicles (AUV/ROV hybrid), and underwater camera systems. Products are utilized in commercial, educational, industrial, government, military, and recreational applications.

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The Right Solutions for Your Industry

Our mission is to support our customers with access to advanced technology, and to assist in the sourcing, configuration and integration of complementary systems primarily for marine surface & subsea applications. 

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